Zante Vibes

Marathonisi — where turtles call home.

Marathonisi, also known as Turtle Island, is a captivating destination where turtles find their home. Located off the coast of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, in Greece, this small island is renowned for its pristine beaches and rich biodiversity.

The main attraction of Marathonisi is its beautiful sandy beach, which stretches along the coastline and offers a tranquil retreat for visitors. The crystal-clear turquoise waters surrounding the island create an idyllic setting for swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts to explore the underwater world.

What makes Marathonisi truly special is its role as a nesting site for endangered loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta). These magnificent creatures visit the island between May and October each year to lay their eggs on the sandy shores. Conservation efforts have been put in place to protect these nesting sites and ensure the survival of these remarkable marine animals.

Visitors to Marathonisi can witness firsthand the natural beauty of these turtles in their natural habitat. Guided tours are available to observe these gentle giants from a respectful distance without disturbing their nesting process. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn about their life cycle and contribute to their conservation efforts.

In addition to its significance for turtle conservation, Marathonisi offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Ionian Sea. The lush greenery covering the island provides shade and creates a serene atmosphere that attracts nature lovers from around the world.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation on pristine beaches or hoping to catch a glimpse of majestic sea turtles in their natural habitat, Marathonisi is an enchanting destination that promises unforgettable experiences amidst stunning natural beauty.